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Welcome to my slowly-evolving website. I'm back into building after a lengthy hiatus, ready to build the next generation of guitars and basses, and I'm really excited to get some new designs going and incorporate some hi-tech as well as organic materials from the area. (Muskoka) Whenever possible, I'll make my own parts, including materials like wood, stone, deer antler; all things I can find outside my door.



I'm really inspired by living on 20 acres of mature forest in north Muskoka in a 100+ year old converted barn, and I've been cutting and squirreling away some wood these past 5 years, and I'm focussing especially on spalted, crotch, burl, and stump wood, which all have their unique beauty.

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All my instruments carry a LIFETIME transferable warranty and certificate of origin, and come with a guitar-specific owner'sguide.

I do that becauseI think they'll last forever; and if they don't, I want to know about it!

I build them to be tough, strong, and extremely serviceable and guranteed to "play like butter!"



Custom Tele in spalted elm, walnut, & birdseye maple


1-pce. spalted elm body

1-pce walnut neck with birdseye maple fretboard

43 mm @ nut


Bare polished wood - no finish

maple neck & body; 33 1/3" scale

padauk fingerboard, bridge, head veneers, & knobs

standard J-bass pickups; piezo bridge pickup available

Gotoh mini bass tuners

deer antler bridge saddle and string nut

vol, vol, tone, tone, mini selector switch

barrel jack; passive electronics



Also available in other configurations:

4+ strings


any scale length desired


Click HERE for more info, and user care guide.

Model i

The Dream Machine

The last stage guitar you'll ever need.

Here's some audio samples:

Acoustic pickups only

Acoustic & both mags on, full mode.

It's an electric, it's an acoustic, and it's a synth guitar.


Bartolini mini-humbuckers with single coil and phase switches

Graph Tech Ghost piezo acoustic bridge saddles with built-in Acoustiphonic pre-amp

Graph Tech Hexpander MIDI interface with 13-pin output

Stereo output jack for splitting acoustic and magnetic signals

7 mm thick wooden bridge and pickup mounts, flush mounted

Wide (43.5 mm) 24-fret neck-through-body; one piece bare black walnut (no finish on back)

Gotoh gold-plated tuners

Wireless flush wooden battery holder

Schaller flush strap locks

more info here... or check out the OWNER'S GUIDE (pdf format)

This 1st guitar of its line is currently available for sale.


Introducing my newest model "The Rose"

This is the prototype "Bronwyn Boyer" model, called "The Rose." Custom designed for Ms. Boyer, she is now madly in love with it. A solid-body "acoustic" with spruce body, oak neck, maple fingerboard, rosewood binding, markers, and head veneers. The concept was to keep the guitar light, small, simple, servicable and easy to play, with the hope that a spruce body would yield some acoustic response. The experiment was successful!

This prototype is a basic, no-fuss design for an electric-acoustic that won't feed back easily. With both a Schaller piezo bridge pickup and a Bartolini magnetic pickup, a variety of sounds are possible. A volume for each pickup and a mini selector switch keep it clean and simple, and all passive. (no battery)

I'm going to make more of these from different woods,and the line will evolve as I try various expiriments to get more acoustic sound out of the body wood. There will also be embellishments like body binding and inlays or art work.

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A short gallery of some other models:

Some you can click for more... a work in progress.


Model G1

Neck: padouk

FB: birds-eye maple

Body: curly maple

Stripes: maple/padouk

Pickups: Bartolini

Tuners: Schaller

Controls: vol, bal, tone

Switches: single coil F,

single coil B, phase

Price: $2800.00 Cdn

more info here...


Model E

Neck: magohany

FB: ebony

Body: mahogany

Pickups: Bartolini

Bridge: MightyMite

Tuners: Schaller

Controls: vol, tone

Switches: each pickup on/off, single coil F

Price: $2200.00 Cdn

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2-pce version of the E

Offered in various woods & options. Guitar pictured here:

walnut drop-head neck

spalted maple fretboard

spalted elm body

spalted beech bridge

Graph Tech saddles

3 single coil pickups, your choice

3 mini on/off each pickup

1 vol, 1 tone/push-pull phase flip (cenre pickup)

Gotoh chrome tuners

More info here...





Model D

Neck & body:

curly maple

FB: ebony

Pickups: Bartolini

Tuners: Schaller

Bridge: MightyMite

Price: $2400.00 Cdn


Model G3

Neck: padouk

Body: willow

FB: Braz. Rosewood

Pickups: Bartolini

Tuners: Schaller

Bridge: MightyMite

Price: $2800.00 Cdn.

Model V

Neck & Body: maple

FB: Ind. rosewood

Pickups: Dimarzio

Bridge: MightyMite

Controls: vol, vol, tone

Switches: p/u sel., phase

Price: $3300.00 Cdn.

This is the 1st of 2 'flying V' guitars (my own take on it) that Bruce Cockburn used to own. For more info see: http://cockburnproject.net/news/000917flyingv.html

Copy of B.C. Rich Seagull

Commissioned by

Long & McQuade, Toronto

Neck: curly maple

Body: mahogany

Pickups: DiMarzio

Tuners: Schaler

Bridge: MightyMite

Custom ML Bass

Neck & Body: curly maple

FB: birdseye maple

Pickups: DiMarzio & Bartolini

Bridge: BadAss

Tuners: Schaler

Custom OJ Bass

Neck: maple

Body: w. red cedar

Fingerboard: purpleheart

Bridge & tuners: HipShot

Pickups: Bartolini


I have standard models, but custom orders are most welcomed. Got your own ideas/design? BRING IT, I'll build it for you.

My standard necks are wider than most electric guitars, (43-44 mm @ nut) with little or no radius to the fingerboard. Thickness at the nut is typically +/- 20 mm, with only 2-3 mm thickening going up the neck. All dimensions, radius and carving can be tailored to the user's preference. Wood choices, hardware, and pickups are all customizable.

On necks, I prefer to polish the wood to a high gloss rather than apply a coating. This results in a faster, dryer, more comfortable neck... there's nothing like it! On pale wood fretboards I apply generous coats of lacquer before fretting.

Also available:

Expert fret jobs, repairs, re-finishing, customization, hot-rodding, etc.

Custom inlay designs in a variety of materials.

Custom finishes, including airbrushed designs.

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