Imre de Jonge Guitars & Basses

model g1


The g1 is a full-size body shape, single cutaway with a padouk neck running through a figured maple body. A maple stripe runs through the center of the neck and maple & padouk stripes flank the neck through the body. The fingerboard is bird-eye maple, with matching edge binding.

It has 2 full-size passsive Bartolini humbicking pickups with a variety of switching options. Typically what I do is make the first 2 single-coil switches for the neck & btidge pickups respectively, and the last one a phase switch which reverses the phase on the bridge pickup, and acts as a coil selector when in dingle-coil mode.

The first knob is master volume, the second knob is balance between the 2 pickups. Lastly is a master tone control.

On this example a stock brass bridge is inlaid fluch to the deck, and Schaller machine heads equip the padouk-veneered head. The pickups are bolted into their cavities from the rear, and either float on foam for adjustment or sit on several washers and are bolted down solidly.

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