Endorsements & Testimonials

John Toyonaga's '79 Model E

I made the first model e in 1979, and it was purchased by my friend John Toyonaga, who still has it and loves it. Last year (2011) I offered to trade it straight across for a brand new one, and he declined! So I asked if he'd write a short endorsement of the guitar, and this is what I got... more of a tribute, really, and it truly touched me:

"The model e is the kind of guitar for which we have all been searching, even if we don't realize it. But, without mistake, you'll know it when you've found it. It'll be the kind that allows you to forget about the notes and where your hands are. It'll be the one that has tone and sparkle at the same time. It's the kind of instrument that allows you to breathe and be free of the physical part of playing. You'll feel the fine craftsmanship and build quality when you're holding it. I've had mine since 1979, and it hasn't needed a thing... not even fret work, and the neck has stayed perfect. It has been admired by everyone who has played it." -John Toyonaga

He loaned it to me a few years ago to record some jams with myself. Here's his guitar on my tune "Lube Job"

More on the model E page

Way back in Toronto ... before I began inlaying my logo in each head. The nut is half bone, half ebony.

Fernando Scatozza's 1980 Custom D2 (5 photos)

I recently got another e-mail from one of my past clients... he sent these pix of his 32-year old guitar... Thank-you Fernando!! Fernando wrote:

" It's still good and I love the sound. The fret-board is perfect for my hands. The off-phase switch handle is broken and needs to be replaced. It would be good if you get all the people who play your guitars together ..
I feel that I have the most beautiful guitar in the world. It is really a beauty."

Check out his music, band, & recordings here:

http://www.fernandoscatozza.com/ or

http://www.reverbnation.com/fernandoscatozza or on YouTube

Lucky Fernando... my 13th guitar!

Thank-you, Fernando!

Bruce Cockburn's '83 Blue V

A big feather in my cap in the early '80s was that Bruce Cockburn bought two Flying Vs (sparkle blue & sparkle orange) that I made, from Ring Music in Toronto. And it created quite a stir! What a departure for Bruce! I don't know what became of the orange one, but I tracked down the blue living happily ever after south of the border...

"Greetings Imre,
Yes...I am the very proud papa to the beautiful V. ...The guitar is not in need of a thing... other than a Canadian Icon to play it all over the world!!! It is a beautiful instrument. Thank you for reminding me of the warranty. So far, nothing needed. Best wishes!, be in touch..." -John Raphaele, Phoenicia, NY, USA

More in an article about this guitar at The Cockburn Project

If you, or anyone you know owns one of my instruments, I'd love to hear from you!