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What's coming up...

Strats & more Teles are coming!!

A Black & Cherry model S

Hand signed, with an ebony logo inlay.... this is actually my digital mockup.

1-pce black cherry body, with a 1-pce black cherry body, harvested from my forest; ebony fretboard with pear inlays; GFS 'Lil' Killer' rail humbucker pickup set, GFS classic tremolo

There's still much work to be done.

B-1 Bass in birch and lacewood

B-1 4-string bass, 35.5" scale; birch body & neck, lacewood fretboard & head veneer with rosewood binding; rosewood body stripes; double-Precision pickup scheme, stagger-reversed

Last 3 pieces of head binding glued on.

Coming up:

Neck-thru Strats: all walnut, walnut/cherry, and walnut/cherry/poplar with lacewood, maple, walnut, rosewood, ebony fretboards

F basses: both 2-pce and neck-thru; walnut, cherry, lacewood

The Rose 2 - with binding, and some other innovations

Fine-grained spruce 2-pce body; walnut neck with a spalted maple fretboard; walnut acoustic bridge with piezo pickups
Inspired by this treasure box I made, I've got similar plans for this Tele... all inlaid wood, of course!

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