Imre de Jonge Guitars & Basses

Lifeteme Warranty


All my guitars are permanently warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty is attached to the instrument, not the owner, so it remains in effect if the instrument changes hands. It expires upon my demise, unless someone agrees to take over.

Claims on this warranty will be satisfied by either repair or replacement of the instrument, depending on the nature and severity of the problem and the practicality of repair, and will be guided by whichever results in a more satisfactory instrument for the owner within a satisfactory time frame.

This warranty is not limitless, applying only to significant functional flaws or failures, and excludes minor and cosmetic defects such as anomalies in the wood, small blemishes in the finish, or repairs I've already made and deemed insignificant. It also excludes the obvious failures, warpage, or breakage due to neglect, abuse, mishandling, extreme conditions, accidents, electrical surges, etc. etc.; any negative results of 3rd party servicing or modification, and normal wear and tear (as opposed to early failure).

The spirit of this warranty is to support my work and clients the best I can to have long-lasting reliable instruments, and to build them in such a way as to never have a claim. (only one so far.. a broken truss rod nut) My aim is to build the best guitars possible; that sound great, are a joy to play, and last basically forever with no problems. I would like to be first to know of any issues, learn from them, correct them myself, and keep you wanting to play my guitars. Most small parts I can gladly replace free or at cost, (switches & pots don't last that long) however the installation may need to be done by you or someone else, if it isn't practical or too costly to get the guitar to my shop. Also, this warranty will only cover one-way transportation or shipping costs.

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