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About Paul Smith


Having lived in various locations through out Ontario, Paul found the northern lifestyle more relaxed and to his liking.  He now resides in Walden with his wife, Joan.
Paul has worked in several industries from forestry to electronics and construction. Presently as a underground Heavy Equipment Mechanic at Vale’s Copper Cliff Mine, in Sudbury.
For many years pencil drawings were Paul`s main artistic outlet till 2003 when he became interested in photography. Paul`s love for nature quickly turned his camera towards local woodlands, lakes, and their wild inhabitants. 
Sharing his passions of gardening, hiking, photography and nature with Joan has led to some interesting endeavors. Like using a tripod and chain block to load boulders into his truck, many weighing over a ton, for creative landscaping in his backyard that double as props for photographing local wildlife.

As a “do-it-yourself” type person, acquiring a digital camera and a photo quality printer was a pivotal and exciting time for Paul. No longer waiting weeks for film developing or forced to accept disappointing canned prints from photo labs, Paul now uses his computer/printer as a darkroom to create quality prints of his vision which he’s pleased to share with you.