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I work with both audio and MIDI in 48-track software with nearly endless sampling and synthesizing capabilities, though I'm partial to the natural sound of real instruments. But to get synths to sound more 'human,'  it helps to use a MIDI drumset, MIDI guitar, and breath controller.

Instruments: drums & percussion, guitars, bass-guitars, keyboards/synths, mandolin, violin, harmonica, & fine found objects. 

If you advertise on radio or TV, why not give yourself a unique and catchy audio image? A jingle and/or sound logo can really set your brand apart.
If you're a film maker, please contact us for your music score needs; we can be very flexible for the right projects.

If you're a musician who works with MIDI, consider having your midi drums tracks done by a professional drummer on a full midi set, or you can choose real acoustic drums delivered as a .wav file for insertion into your sequences.

Some of my samples:

Come On!

Hockey Night

Funk Fanfare 1

Lube Job

Number 1

Al the Pal

Haunted Forest

Ok Now (sunny break)

Classical 'bumper'

Drowsie Maggie

Rock On!

Imre de Jonge

Original music: soundtracks, themes, songs, jingles

Producer / multi-instrumentalist to bring your music to life.

Currently working with Bronwyn Boyer

Check out her debut album of songs "Release" below.

Available on Ear Candy Records


Voice-over/commercial demo 

(mp3 format)  2 MB  (2:54)

Written, Performed & Recorded by Imre de Jonge except final selection from the TV show "Tek War" Warner Bros. Television



For more pictures of The Barn and some of the activities, please click here for our facebook albums.

All selections composed, performed, recorded & mixed by Imre de Jonge except "Number 1" composed by Jim Lawlis; performed by Jim Lawlis & Imre de Jonge, recorded/produced by Imre de Jonge

"Hockey Night" vocals by Bronwyn Boyer with background vocals by some family members.

All selections Imre de Jonge


Like us on

Contact me by phone: 705-224-4452 or 705-380-3181 (cell)

or by email:

Also the home of I. de Jonge Guitars & Basses...

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