Apple QuickTime VR
If you don't see a picture here, you need the plug-in!
Picture opens zoomed in slightly. (Place cursor on image)
To rotate, hold down your left mouse button on the picture as you move the mouse.
To zoom out, press CTRL;  to zoom in, press SHIFT. (OPT & SHIFT on Macs)
This process lets a concise and carefully shot series of ordinary photos be turned into a 360-degree virtual environment that you can navigate through with your mouse. You can zoom in and out, and look up and down as well as all around. You can create a series of linked movies to give you different 'nodes' or points of view within one QTVR movie. QTVR can also be used to display objects or people from every possible angle in smooth, seamless rotation, all controlled by your mouse movements. 

This is a great tool for interior designers, architects, real estate companies, retailers, modelling agencies, educators,///////////// and others who wish to show a preview of an environment or product in virtual 3-D. This can be a great time-saving tool for both you and your clients. The cost? Please E-mail us for a quote.


Iroquoian Longhouse (329k)

This authentic recontruction of an Iroquois Longhouse is located in the Indian Village at Crawford Lake Conservation Area, on the Niagara Escarpment, about 60 km. west of Toronto, Canada. This is a 4-node QTVR. (4 panaoramas you can jump between) 
Client: Halton Region Conservation Authority
2 MB
This 4-node VR takes you on a complete tour of this stunning suite
in the completely renovated Merchandise Building Warehouse in Toronto..
Client: The Merchandise Building Lofts
Airbus A-310 Military Transport 

(754 K) 

This is a 4-node VR of the military version of the A-310. You start in the entry/galley. Click the doorways to move into the cockpit, cargo bay, and finally the passenger area in the stern. 

Client: Airbus Industrie 

Toronto City Hall (328 K) 
A 2- node QTVR. You are standing in front of Toronto's famous landmark in the middle of Nathan Phillips square. Turn Until you see the pedestrian ramp, and click your way upt!
...when you jump up to the ramp on the east (right) side, you'll look down on the square
Various resolutions are available in the final movie, so you can have a compact, quick-loading version for your Web pages, as well as a larger hi-res version on floppy or CD-ROM for your office and sales staff.  
(The samples presented here are lo-res for quick downloading.)
Harbour Front (328k) 
Just one area of Toronto's showcase harbourfront redevelopment. A 2-node QTVR from different points along the quay.This was challenging because of boats moving through the scene, being recorded on multiple frames in different locations.


QuickTime VR can also be used to view OBJECTS from any angle. Subjects can be anything, including people. Depending on how many surround series of photos are shot in vertical increments, the object can also be viewed from the top or bottom. This technique is excellent for showcasing products or models, giving agencies the advantage of letting their models be viewed from every angle. Object VR's require many more frames than a panorama, (depending on how many vertical angles, or 'rows' you require) and hence result in larger files. Here is a simple sample made up of only one vertical series of shots, so it cannot be tilted. (see Rebellion bottle for an example of multiple rows of shots)
Teapot (240k)
Porsche (1.9 MB) 
Rendered from a 3D model in TrueSpace
Some other object VR's:
Arm (289K) Rebel beer (1.4 MB)
The techniques required in shooting the panoramas or objects and combining them into VR 'movies' on the computer is very specialized. The photos are shot in specific degree increments at specific angles with a special lens and a custom tripod head. 

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