Summary for "Haps Invitational - October 13, 2004"

$15.00 buy-in. $10.00 per rebuy (1) per player. Add-ons not allowed. $5.00 per hit.
$135.00 prize pool.


Darren Bissonnette
Evan Hoar
Steve L'Heureux
Franca Scott
Gordon Scott
Andrew Taylor
Gerry Toffoli


Dave Mensour


Summary of Play

Full Blind Schedule

Notable Moments

Franca goes all-in and Darren calls. Darren has a straight or a flush. Franca makes her straight-flush on the turn. Darren needs a Ks for a Royal. River is Kc.

Gordon made and effort to demonstrate how easy it is to bust out in order to encourage others to do the same.


Tournament managed by Dr. Neau's Tournament Manager, Copyright 2004