Summary for "Haps Invitational - May 25, 2005"

$20.00 buy-in. No Rebuys. Add-ons not allowed. $5.00 per hit.
$105.00 prize pool.


Eric Lachevrotiere
Jason Leader
Ryan Peterson
Joey Rodrique
Franca Scott
Gordon Scott
Andrew Taylor


Darren "I LOVE SIMON COWELL" Bissonnette

Notable Moments:

Wow what a CRAZY game. Jason and Eric get eliminated in successive hands leaving Joey, Franca, and Gordon in the final 3. Joey takes over the chip lead after I call Joey's all in with AKo. Joey's aces hold up.

However, Lady Luck has decided that Joey was only meant to temporarily hold my chips. Joey commits a good 80% of his chips holding an Ace high straight but a second Queen falls on the river filling out Franca's full house. The very next hand Joey looks down to see a pair of pocket 2's and pushes. Franca happily calls and flips over her pocket kings. The Kings stand up and Joey is eliminated.

Now it's heads up between Franca and Gordon. I look down to find a pair of 3's. Franca comes out with a big bet. Liking the chances of a pocket pair heads up I almost call but decide to lay it down. Good lay down as it turns out Franca had KK again. Next hand comes out and I look down to find pocket 3's again. I decide to push this time. Franca calls and shows KJo. The tournament looked like it was all over as a 10 9 8 7 came down on the flop and turn. However, the governor called and stayed my execution by delivering a jack on the river to split the pot.

Then the battle went on. The longest heads-up battle yet. Franca had me on the ropes most of it. When the blinds went up to 200-400 it looked like I would get eaten up. But about 20mins later after a couple hands I now had the chip lead. Franca decides to go all in one hand. I look down and see K9o and call. I was ecstatic when I see Franca flip over her 65o. Ecstasy is fleeting it turns out as 2 6's come on the flop and Franca has a huge chip lead once again.

More pressure as the blinds go up to 300-600. Just trying to stay alive I push a couple of times with marginal holdings and Franca backs off. I check my hole cards and find a pair of jacks. All-in. Franca calls and flips over T9o. Any excitement I had quickly dissapeared as the flop came down slowly 9......10......9. Damn. I began to call upon any god I know to bring me a jack. Bur apparently Franca rates a little higher then I because the turn brought a very dissapointing 10. I still had a chance though. A miracle river jack had saved me an hour ago. Could I get another miracle jack? Lady Luck decides to kick me in the nuts for shits and giggles as another 10 comes down on the river. Franca wins. Her quad 10's also take the High-hand jackpot for the night after beating out her previous high-hand holding of quad dueces.


Summary of Play

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