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Metalworking Page

I like to build and repair things in my shop. I do car repairs on my own vehicles but welding was my main interest, I have stick, TIG and MIG welders which I have used for many repairs and projects. The biggest project I ever built was a 9 ton capacity, tag-a-long float trailer, which I used to haul a seven ton John Deere loader/backhoe around.

My latest welding machine is a Lincoln SQ175 TIG, I'm learning how to weld aluminum, stainless and other metals with it. It is also one of the smoothest stick welders I have ever used.

I started reading the newsgroup "rec.crafts.metalworking" looking for welding info, I really became interested in metal machining. I now have a lathe which I am learning to use along with the all the layout and measuring tools machinists use. I'm looking for a vertical milling machine next.

Another newsgroup is "sci.engr.joining.welding" which used to be mostly engineering and technical discussion of welding, has now been mostly taken over by weldors and hobbyists. Lots of good info here.

The best source of welding information I have found is the Lincoln Electric Co. Visit their website where they offer many excellent books on welding at very reasonable prices. My favourite is the "Procedure Handbook for Arc Welding".