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IBEW Local 1687 Page

I Work As An IBEW Electrician

IBEW Local 1687

The link above doesn't work yet, as our local has yet to set up a website. The IBEW is the electricians union. IBEW stands for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Local 1687 is the name of our local, which supplies electricians and linemen to jobs all over northeastern Ontario.

My Job As An Electrician

I work as an electrician, usually around Sudbury, Ontario (Canada). My job mainly is electrical construction where we install the electrical systems in buildings and in industry. We install the electrical equipment and connect it with cables and wires so that it can function as it was designed. In addition to doing the normal things electricians do, I am qualified for and also perform the following jobs when needed.

  • Instrumentation tech
  • Communications and Data tech
  • Fire Alarm tech
  • Welder
  • Heavy Equipment Operator, Truck Driver