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*NEW* Regional Guide to Dragonflies
*NEW* Dragonfly Checklist: What has been seen

Nature Checklists
Regional Nature Checklists for North Bay and Area  The range of these checklists is within a 50 mile radius of North Bay.  Most of these checklists are based upon checking range maps from other published sources rather than actual observations.  Please feel free to use, print out or modify any of these checklists for your own personal use.  If you have trouble downloading any of these files try 'right-clicking' on them and select 'Save As'.  For full functionality the spreadsheets require Microsoft Excel 97 or later.

*NEW* Dragonfly Checklist: What has been seen

Birds PDFExcel | Bird Quest Email Helper Excel | Mammals/Amphibians/Reptiles PDFExcel | Snake Key | Butterflies PDF | Moth List (from Renfrew site) | Odonates (Dragonflies/Damselflies) PDFExcel | Singing Insects of North Bay and Area | Trees PDFExcel | Astronomy PDF | Excel | Astronomy for Kids PDF | Excel Atmospheric Optics PDFExcel | Trip Diary Excel | Trip Diary plus Checklist Excel | Monthly Checklist PDFExcel

North Bay Counts

For more information about the 2008+  North Bay's Christmas Bird Count and previous counts visit the page below.
Christmas Bird Count Page

A count for dragonflies is scheduled for Sun July 10.

Details: Sat, July 10, North Bay, Brent Turcotte, (705) 472-3335, (meet at 9 a.m. at the North Bay Information Centre, latitude 46.308771, longitude -79.438286)

Laurier Woods Currently a draft
Trails and Parks A variety of resouces, including mapping resources

Nippissing Naturalists Club | North Bay Astronomy Club | Discovery Routes | North Bay Cycle Club | Nipissing Lapidary and Mineral Club more info | Friends of Laurier Woods | Gateway Walkers

The North Bay Astronomy Club includes about eight regular presentations by members at each of its monthly meetings, an annual star party and has periodic public viewing sessions on the waterfront.

Friends of Mashkinonje | Sudbury Naturalist Club | Muskoka Field Naturalists | Pembroke Area Field Naturalists | Timiskaming Birding

Regional Forums
Muskoka Bird Board Lots of activity
Timiskaming Birds Forums

Using the Goggle Maps feature My Maps personalized maps have been created of our local regions highlighting dozens of locations.  Trails, birding hotspots, parks, conservation reserves, etc are marked out on top of Goggle's satellite imagery.  Currently only the most notable places are included.  This section is not currently being worked on.

North Bay and Callander | North -- Martin River and More | West Nipissing Area | East - Corbeil to Mattawa | South

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