Yellow Rail

On a local Bird Wing outting, six people heard the first yellow rail reported in the Nipissing District on July 28, 2009.

Best Recording: mov4723.mp3 (440 KB)
A few seconds at beginning: mov4721.mp3
Another mov4719.mp3
Another mov4718.mp3
First and longest recording (3 minutes, 3 MB) mov4711.mp3
Original recording: mov4723.mpg (10 MB)
Original recording: mov4719.mpg (3 MB)

Note that in the longest recording and 4718 and 4719 there may be some non-real Yellow rail calls.  One person
played a recording and Dick manually take a yellow rail call.  Note that also the recordings are faint and you may want to turn it up.

Try the longest recording if you have high-speed.  It is the most entertaining one especially around the one minute mark.