Starswept  Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) - Ontario, Canada


Proudly owned & loved by Barbara & family, of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

October 25, 2001

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to wait until after Dusty's neutering so I could include that in the letter. Dusty was neutered yesterday and made out fine. He was raring to go again as soon as I picked him up, even though they told me to keep him quiet (no running or jumping) for two weeks!! That will be hard to do. We have a routine where we (myself, Dusty and Kasey) go for a long walk on the trails in the bush behind my house every morning. And then we go again after supper. He is already following me around and whining as to why we haven't gone yet this morning! He loves his walks. I let the dogs run loose through the trails and Dusty enjoys leaping and hiding in the tall grass alongside the trails. It's very cute to watch. He is quite a jumper, I may think of training him to catch frisbees. Right now, Kasey is the frisbee catcher and Dusty just steals them from him and runs away. He's not very good about fetching, probably because he thinks it's a game to keep anything away from Kasey. He'll fetch, but then he just teases Kasey with it and runs away. We have to work on the return aspect without the other dog.  It's hard not to include both though, when they look at you with those big brown eyes!! Otherwise, Dusty is doing extremely well. He is a very intelligent, lovable, and a beautiful pup. Everyone who meets him always has something to say. His coat is still at the inbetween stage, but it's coming. He is almost a golden red colour, which is very eye catching. We just love him! I was late in registering him for the fall obedience class (minimum space due to the location), but will definitely have him in for the class after Christmas. Meanwhile, I do my own sort of obedience training with him, and he is doing well. He walks well on a leash and comes and sits most times I call him. Sometimes the distractions are just too much. He can sit, lie down, crawl, shake and speak for treats, which is another thing he loves very much. I am including some photos that I took on one of our walks last week. As you can see, Dusty and my son Darcy are best of friends. Dusty cries when he leaves for school in the morning and has a lot of licks and tail wagging for him when he gets home. I am sure that Darcy is Dusty's favourite member of the family!! I will forward the certificate of neutering by mail, so you should get it within the next week. And yes, I did receive the package that you sent, thank you. Hope all is well with your human and four legged families. Bye till next time,  



June 12, 2001

Just thought you'd be anxious to here how our puppy is doing since coming home. Well, first of all, we've decided to name him Heavenly Stardust, "Dusty" for short. He truly is a gift from heaven. He has been excellent and has adapted well to his new surroundings. The car ride home was uneventful with a couple of "pee" breaks along the way. Once home, we carefully introduced him to Kasey (our other Sheltie), and suprisingly, it was Dusty who was the one with the low growl and very cautious. Within 10 or 15 minutes though, he was all over Kasey, and Kasey tolerates him very well. I like to think that he has become the "father figure" because he actually herds him back closer to us when Dusty is sniffing around and exploring. I'm sure they will be best of friends. Dusty has a great time out in the yard, chasing us or Kasey, or his tail. He's already found a favorite spot to lie down....right in the middle of my flower bed!! I'm trying to discourage him from that as my petunias won't like it too much. He's just so happy, jumps and plays and "yips" whenever he wants our attention or is trying to play toughy! He is so beautiful and far...knock on accidents in the house! He is fine in his crate and just lays down right away and drifts off to sleep. The first night he whined at about 5:30 a.m., and I took him out and he did both duties, put him back in the crate and he went right to sleep again. Mind you, we have played with him so much and kept him so busy that he probably welcomes the rest in his crate. Our older cat doesn't pay much attention to him, but the younger one has not come downstairs since we brought him home. He's being very cautious. I think he'll come around soon though as I saw him peering around the corner into the kitchen this morning to see what was going on! Dusty has also been eating and drinking well, and your right, he loves those biscuits! Well, I should get going, the dreaded workplace awaits! Thank you again so much for the opportunity to have such a beautiful and loving addition to our family. He is just perfect....definitely a gift from the stars.   Talk to you soon,  




Proudly owned & loved by Kathy & family of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

June 18, 2001

It's me Kashka. I'm being a VERY good girl. I am having a good time with everyone. I am sending you a picture of me and my new friend Sheza. We have a good time together. I am being so good here and everyone loves me very much. Time to go for a car ride. Talk to you later and I will send more pictures. Bye for now,


P.S Kathy and Harvey say hello."




Proudly owned and loved by Len, Lori & family of Allanburg, Ontario, Canada

November 2000

I emailed you this morning I guess you did't get it, she had a quiet first night. She did wake me at 6 to go outside. She has taken quite well to her new home, although she has't eaten as much as I would like her to. Her name is ASHLY ALEXANDRA PENNER. She just loves it outside and would play out there for hours if I let her. She likes to chase me around the yard, oh and her own tail. You were right she is just the sweetest little girl I have seen. Do I have to be a member of the CKC to put her in obedience shows and at what age do they start in the shows. I took quite a few picures last night will send you copies when I get them devloped. Thank you for the care package, I read it this morning  when everybody else was sleeping except me and Ashly.We just fell in love with her immediately. I will keep you updated on her progress. Bye for now.




Abby 5m

Proudly owned and loved by Maria & Warren of St.Charles, Illinois, USA

February 10, 2001

It's taken me longer than I expected to get new pictures of Abby but I have them now and am forwarding some to you. She'll be 5 months on the first of February, it's hard to believe she's still so young, it seems like she's been with us forever.  She is a GREAT puppy.....she has kept us entertained from the first day and I must admit we've spoiled her terribly.  We love to play with her and give her tons of attention.  Tonight she completed her puppy kindergarten class and has learned to sit and lie down, and to come when called (unless the distractions are just too much), we're working on going to the mat and stay...which I think will take quite a while, since she is still so young.  She's losing her baby teeth and has been very good about only chewing on appropriate toys. She's very outgoing and wants to be part of everything....I suppose "nosey" would be the right word.  She loves walks and car rides, chasing her shadow and her tail.  She's also quite a "talker" and has a variety of sounds that she uses to get our attention.  She has been quite successful at learning her potty habits and is very trustworthy in that department. Even though the puppy stage requires lots of energy we are so happy to have her, every one just loves her!!!  I know she's going to grown into a really fine adult dog. You website looks really terrific! I hope all is well with you and your family. As always,


November 7, 2000

We decided on "Abby" rather than "Dewey" for our puppy.  It seems to fit her better!  She is such a happy little girl, her tail wags so fast sometimes it's just a blur!  She really keeps us entertained.  She had a bath yesterday and was so good I could hardly believe it.  Her habits are really great.......she's slept through the night right from the first night, how easy!  She seems to have really good bladder control and housebreaking won't take much time at all.  She's eating well, I'm starting her on a schedule so we can proceed with housebreaking.   We have such fun playing with her, she really is great company.  She trots around after us as though she's known us forever.  What a sweetie!!  She really enjoys being outside, she tears around in a circle and is distracted by everything!  She really keeps us laughing. She seems to really like her crate......I am amazed, she goes right in when she's ready to rest, and she doesn't whimper or fuss at all when we put her in at nighttime. She has met quite a few new people in the last two days, almost all of the family now, and everyone just loves her.  She's so outgoing and happy. Once again I'd like to thank you for all the good information that you provided with Abby.  It's really nice to be given the packet that contains so many helpful items.

Abby really is a wonderful puppy, it is clear that she came from a very loving home....we are so happy to have her! Best Wishes,




Proudly owned and loved by Maria, Ron, sons Kris 11 yrs and Kyle 8 yrs of Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada

October 28, 2000

We had a great first night with her. She woke up at 5am and scratched the cage door and I just put my fingers through the  cage and she went back to sleep.  She never cried once all night!  She got up with me at 9:00 a.m. and I let her outside.  She has been wonderful.  She loves the park across from our house.  There are lots of leaves and she runs and runs.  My youngest son was running in the park and she just kept running after him.  She is adorable!   She met our cat today and they are good together.  They were rolling around together in the backyard and I had to separate them just because she is so much smaller!  She is very comfortable in our home and yes you were right, very cuddly!  A real people person pup.  The name we picked for her is one you already have, it's Nikita - we call her Niki!  That's the name we liked the best out of all of them.    She seems to know it already as we say "Niki Come" and she obeys.  Thanks for the great pup!  We will keep you up to date - along with a few pictures.  

Best wishes,