Art Direction, Props, & On-set for Film

I started in the movie business in the late '80's as a special skills background performer. The great thing about that route is that you have many hours on-set to observe the entire process and learn how things are done. Having an arts background, I soon turned my graphic and crafts skills to working with props. What I love most about this is the creative and problem-solving challenges that it poses, as well as the never-ending variety. I have done a lot of work as assistant, buyer, and propmaster. I know what art and props depts. need, and I can produce something that will look great AND function reliably on set. (functionalilty is always #1 for us guys on the floor!)
Thanks to my team: Malcolm Tan, Maggie Davis, Mike Loghrin & Alan Doucette for their invaluable help and fortitude on this one! 
 Stills from Cineplex Odeon/Cantel's "Phone Bomb"directed by Eddie Chu through Radke Films. Mobelus Award winner. 
Stills from Chrysler's "in the Ring" directed by Mark Mainguy through Radke Films.
Still of animation screen from IBM's "Radar" directed by Zack Snyder through Radke Films.
Stills from Toronto Zoological Society's "Endangered Species" PSA series, directed by Steve Gordon through Radke Films.

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