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Introducing Bronwyn Rose...

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July 2023 First single released from the forthcoming 3rd album "Acceleration" CHOOSE LOVE



July 14/18
The wait is over! Bronwyn's 2nd release in the 'Evolution' trilogy, "Momentum" is here!! Download or stream it here: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CDs will follow soon!


July 6/17 The first single "What's Goin' On" from Bronwyn's forthcoming 2nd album "Momentum" is out! Check it out here for free:

And right along with it, we're releasing a 2nd single, the brand new "In Eternity" and Bronwyn included these remarks about it:

In a world as frazzled as ever by human separation, I wanted to create something that would soothe. This is an ode to the unimaginable vastness of the universe and all the beauty it holds, big and small. It’s a reminder that our worries aren’t even a fraction of a drop in a bucket compared to the miracle that our breath stokes an inner fire that drives our bodies. Maybe this song stirs such thoughts in you in a comforting sort of way. Or maybe thoughts will disappear as you float on the gentle current of a stream, staring up at the clouds on a placid summer day.


And a great debut album, now available to order on CD or download!

We're really excited about our debut release... "Release" by Bronwyn Boyer

You can listen (stream) the entire album for free!! or click the 'buy' button at right to download.>>>

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The Inside

Produced by Imre de Jonge at The Barn Studio, Huntsville, Canada.

Bronwyn Boyer: vocals, guitar, piano, percussion.
Imre de Jonge: drums, bass, el. guitar, organ, percussion
Alison Boyer: el. piano, harmonica, organ on 'MDT'
Cover art & design: Bronwyn Boyer


For more about Bronwyn Boyer, go to her own website!

or to her YouTube channel or Facebook page

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Ear Candy Records is a record label based in Huntsville, On. Canada, established in 2015. We are committed to producing the best musical acts we can find, no matter where we find them. We have no particular focus on genre or region, but want to bring great music to the world and help up-coming artists launch their careers.

We want to turn the label/artist relationship on its ear, so that the artist gets the lion's share of the revenue, rather than just "the leftovers" as it seems has been the norm so far.

Who needs a record label these days? No one, actually. It has never been easier for artists to produce and publish their music. But there is a down-side to going it alone, which a good label can overcome. Firstly, there's label support, and strength in numbers. Being on a label gives an artist immediate credibility, and the label spends a lot of effort and money to promote its artists and drive sales. Putting out a record can be costly, and worse, promoting it and getting it noticed is almost a full-time job. Most musicians really don't have time for all that, and we feel pretty strongly that their time would be better spent on the actual music. A good record label takes care of all that, so the artists can focus on what they do best.

What's the deal? Ear Candy proposes to bring your recordings to market, at virtually no cost to you. In return, we get 50% of the revenue generated by your records. Don't have any recordings? Ear Candy has its own studio, in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario. Can't record here? Fine. Record elsewhere, and we'll put out the result. We may even be able to contribute to your recording costs.

What's the catch? No catch, other than we can only fund your records as our funds allow. Meaning, that as a new company, we are on a shoe-string, for the time being. Obviously, cost-saving will be important, so the initial acts we choose to get behind will need to have very low production overhead, or already have recordings. As the label grows, we'll be able to do much more, but we do NOT want to bite off more than we can chew at any one time, as that would very possibly result in disaster for us, and a failing of our service to the artists.

Ear Candy Records was founded by Imre de Jonge and Bronwyn Boyer. Read a short article about that here.

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Ear Candy Records


Ear Candy Records 40 Maple Hgts. Dr., Huntsville, On., Canada. P1H 1R7

phone: 705-224-4452 email: info@earcandyrecords.ca