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Marcy and Little Marcy

    Marcy Tigner, her puppet Little Marcy, and her unusual "child-like" singing voice, found her art, her niche, in the only venue available to so many like her - Christian childrens' music. Over three decades her unusual act has been fascinating, inspiring, sometimes repelling audiences from all over, depending on one's beliefs and point of view. Even today, when her music is often categorised as 'bad' or 'disturbing,' people find confirmation of their faith in it - and in fact, it stands head and shoulders above most of the other work in the genre thanks to top-notch production values.

    Her albums have been released and re-released under various labels and at various prices, as was (and probably still is) typical for the genre. What we have here is an attempt - likely foredoomed to failure - to list every "Little Marcy" album and related release ever, along with whatever other data we can glean from thrift store record purchases and random bits of research.
    Complicating the process is the fact that there were often two or more releases of any one album - for the U.S., Canadian and U.K. markets. It isn't always easy to find out which is which, but we're doing our best. An example of this situation may be instructive:

    The following six labels are all from the same album: "Marcy Sings Jesus Loves Me and 14 other children's songs," Word Records catalogue number K-704.

$1.98 US version  US version, $1.98 price tag on sleeve.
$1.98 Canadian version  Canadian version, $1.98 price tag on sleeve.
$2.98 Canadian version  Canadian version, $2.98 price tag on sleeve.
$2.98 sticker, Canadian version  Canadian version, $2.98 price sticker on sleeve.
$2.98 sticker, US stereo version  US stereo version, $2.98 price sticker on sleeve.
no price, Canadian stereo version  Canadian stereo version, no price on sleeve.

    The sleeves differ in other ways as well. The front covers are the same except for the prices, but the backs have slightly different information:
    The US versions all say "Produced and Arranged by Fred Bock" and "Printed in U.S.A.".
    The Canadian versions all say "In Canada: WORD RECORDS, Vancouver, B.C. In Great Britain: WORD (UK) LTD., London" and "LITHO IN CANADA".

    Wherever you see an unhappy Marcy, you'll know it's an album we haven't seen yet but are pretty sure exists. If you have any information about these (or any other information about Marcy Tigner's records) feel free to drop us a line at grizelda@vianet.on.ca and let us know what we're missing. And if anyone has any information about the "Little Marcy Club" we'd like to hear from you, too.


    To understand why people like us get obsessed with Little Marcy, you really need to experience her for yourself. Check out 'the marcy zone' and listen to some of her songs. I guarantee, unless you've led a very unusual life you won't have heard anything like it...

    We also include a page of Marcy paraphernalia, things we've spotted here and there that aren't music, but are of interest to Marcy completists.

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Old Marcy
New Marcy
Marcy Tigner albums
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Marcy links

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  "There's just something about Marcy that'll get ya'..."

Little Marcy - en Svensk!

  "Forty years ago, there wasn't much of a market for the Christian music we know today, but there was
  - as evidenced by the forty or so records you might find at thrift shops, on e-bay, and elsewhere -
  a market for at least one singing ventriloquist."

The Vinyl Preservation Project
The entirety of 'Sing with Marcy' as streaming audio files

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An excerpt from the extremely rare 'Learning To Do God's Work' video.

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A Little Marcy fan site with some downloadable tracks.

One Way Street: I-Fest
  International Festival of Christian Puppetry and Ventriloquism (!)



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