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  Songs for You by Marcy
  Zondervan/Singcord/Tot ZLP-723 - 1966

  Marcy Sings Sunday School Songs
  Word K-701 - photo cover - 1967/1973
  Word K-701 - art cover - 1973/1976

  Marcy Sings Nursery Rhymes
  Word K-702 - 1967/1973

  Marcy Sings
  Word, K-704 - 1968/1973/1974

  Little Marcy Talks With The Animals
  Word K-705 - 1968

  Christmas Is On Its Way With Little Marcy
  Word K-706 - 1969/1973

  Little Marcy Visits Smokey Bear
  Word K-707 - 1969/1973

  Happiness is...Singing with Marcy
  Singcord ZLP-862 - 1972

  Happy Am I -- Songs by Little Marcy
  Word K-721 - 1973
  cassette - ?

  Sing and Be Happy with Little Marcy
  Word K-722 - 1973

  Walking in the Sunshine with Little Marcy
  Singcord ZLP-871 - 1973

  Little Marcy with the Jesus Story: A Children's Musical
  Light LS-5618-LP - 1973

  Little Marcy and the Bible Story Book, Volume 1
  Word K-733 - 1975

  Marcy -- Wear a Smile
  Singcord ZLP 953 - 1975

  Little Marcy and the Bible Story Book, Volume 2
  Word K-735 - 1976

  Marcy -- Happy Little Children
  Singcord ZLP-960 - 1976

  Little Marcy Sings to Toddlers
  Singcord ZLP-3011 - 1977

  Sing with Little Marcy at Home
  Singcord ZLP-3015 - 1977

  Little Marcy with the Moses Story: A Children's Musical
  Light - 1977

  Noah's Ark: a Children's Musical
  Singspiration - 1978

  Little Marcy Sings Sabbath Songs
  Chapel - 1979
  cassette - Chapel 7011 - ?

  Little Marcy and Mother Goose Go to Church
  Singspiration - 1982

    To be dated

  Some Golden Daybreak
  Whitney Records, MT-1001 LP

  Marcy Tigner Trombone
  Christian Faith Recordings, MT-1351


  Happy Day Express -- Sing with Marcy
  Corner Stone MT-111
  Sunshine Music Mountain SLP-469
  Singcord ZLP-710

  Let the Sunshine In -- Sing with Marcy
  Corner Stone MT-112
  Zondervan SLP-470

  Christmas with Marcy -- Sing with Marcy
  Corner Stone MT-113-LP
  Corner Stone Records, SLP-471
  Zondervan SLP-471

  Marcy Sings Hymns
  Corner Stone MT-114
  Zondervan SLP-472

  Marcy Favorites -- 20 Songs From Her Best Selling Albums
  Cornerstone Records MT-115
  Zondervan SLP-473

  Marcy Favorites
  Pink album cover, different art

  Sing with Marcy
  Zondervan/Singcord ZLP-657

  Marcy Sings to Children
  Zondervan ZLP 664

  Sing-Along with Marcy
  Zondervan/Singcord ZLP 693
  Sunshine Music Mountain

  Favorite Songs & Choruses by Marcy
  Sunshine Music Mountain ZLP-710

  Marcy Goes to Nashville
  Sunshine Music Mountain ZLP-3097

  An Adventure for Children to the Land of Love
  Sounds of Hope


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