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Try Ketchup!

I've tried everything in the universe to clean silver, brass and copper.  Recently, I was told that the easiest way to clean copper is with a cloth dipped in ketchup.  That's right, good old ketchup!  Had to pass that one on to you.

How about Cabbage?

Buff pewter with a cabbage leaf.  Yes, believe it or not this really does give old pewter a nice shine.

Hot or Cold?

When cooking anything that grows above the ground, start in hot water. Start anything that grows below the ground in cold water.

Gift Baskets

Making up a gift basket? Did you know that it’s not a good idea to put fresh fruit and fresh cut flowers in the same basket? The fruit releases the gas, ethylene, which will accelerate the flowers to wilt.


It stands to reason that brooms should be hung or stored upside down to prevent the broom bristles from flattening and curling.

Rusty Knives

Need your knives renewed?  Plunge a rusty knife into an onion several times.  You'll be amazed at how well that works.

Paint in Hair

Get paint in your hair?  Gently rub the offending locks with a cotton ball dipped in olive oil.  Paint be gone.

Rejuvenate Plants

Tired plants?  Invigorate the little devils with a drink of weak tepid tea weekly.  When you get down to the bottom of the milk carton, add some lukewarm water and give them some of this solution as well.  In other words, even plants enjoy a spot of tea with a touch of milk.

Polish leather

Beat up an egg white to make great polish for leather chair seats and other leather items too. See you can learn something new every day!

Uses for grandma’s washboard

And I mean uses other than scrubbing clothes. Place it across the bathtub and use it to hold your bath soap, loofah, whatever. Leave it there because it looks pretty. Another great use...get it out of the tub and use the flat glass side to serve cheese and such. Everyone loves it.

Good old salt

I’m not going to tell you to sprinkle it on your food. Wash silk handkerchiefs, scarves and ribbons in salt and cold water and then iron while damp. Put salt in the water for washing glass bottles and see how they shine. Set the color in fabric by submersing in salt and cold water. Good old salt with lemon juice removes iron rust. Use salt and water to clean willow furniture. Do it gently. Rubbing wet salt on cups and mugs takes off tea and coffee stains.

  Stickers on fabric

There is nothing more annoying than trying to get a sticker off fabric when it is firmly stuck in place. Soak the sticker with undiluted white vinegar that has been heated to almost boiling. The sticker will come off.

Permanent marker

Scrub the marker off using an old toothbrush, white toothpaste and baking soda. Rinse and repeat if necessary. It works, but you have to be persistent.

Lipstick on your collar

Spray the stain with hair spray. Let the hair spray soak in for a few minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. If the stain persists after a few tries using this method, rub it with a cloth saturated with denatured alcohol. And if that doesn’t do it, try waterless hand cleaner as a last resort.

Grass stains

Sponge with white vinegar and rinse. This is a standard method that works sometimes. If that doesn’t work, rub white non-gel toothpaste on the offending marks and wash. Finally, undiluted alcohol may work if you saturate the soiled area and then immediately wash. However, this may fade the fabric, so beware. If all of the above don’t work, put in bag and throw in the trash can.

Tangled jewelry chains?

Put a drop of baby oil on the chain and separate with two sewing needles or pins.

White marks on wood table

Rub regular white mayonnaise into the wood. Sprinkle table salt on it and continue to rub in the direction of the grain until you see the marks disappear. If the marks are stubborn, repeat this process for several days in a row. It really does work!

Helpful Hints

Rust stains on old linens?

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