Caning and Wicker

by Edie Hentcy

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When Edie was a youngster, her mother taught her how to knit. Over the years, she advanced from scarfs to socks, mittens, hats, cardigans and pullover sweaters. Knitting came easy to her and provided a rewarding past-time activity.

Edie spent her childhood in Muskoka and went away for schooling and employment. With a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Environmental Studies, her first jobs were office related with a field work component. One job was with The Nature Conservancy where she served as Data Manager/Biologist and another was as Cartographer for a Land Trust. Both jobs provided excellent opportunities for advancement but something important was lacking. Realizing her deep attachment to Muskoka she returned to the area in June of 1997.

That fall, she began an apprenticeship with Bearwood Canoes under the tutelage of Pam Wedd, a Master at the craft of wood and canvas canoe construction and repair. Amongst the many tasks involved in the craft of canoe construction, the seats eventually need to be caned. Consequently, it was Pam who taught Edie how to cane and it was like introducing a duck to water! All those years of knitting naturally translated into skills needed to weave cane into canoe seats.

It was then that Edie realized her true calling was more clearly with seat-weaving and she pursued an education into the use of other materials used: fibre rush, splint, set-in caned seats as well as the repair of wicker furniture. After a while of working on pieces owned by friends and family, she opened her shop in 2000 and has enjoyed a steady business every since.

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Edie Hentcy • 1014 Woodington Road • Minett, Ontario • P0B 1J0 • 705-765-1065 • Email: