Sea of Galilee by Ted Cooper, featuring a Bearwood Canoe

Ted Cooper can make a guitar sing and make a canoe dance in the water, as you can see in this new music video of his latest song, Sea of Galilee.

Strumming and paddling are both passions for him. The Toronto born musician spent many years in Israel, performing in clubs in Jerusalem and throughout the country, where he was known locally as ¡°Saba shel ha-Blues¡± (Grandfather of the Blues). In recent years, back in Canada, he is still performing and teaching guitar, but his summers are devoted to his blue canoe and the kids he teaches, as head canoe instructor at Camp Ramah in Utterson, Ontario.

Cooper has paddled numerous voyages up the Jordan River and on Lake Kinneret in Israel, the Sea of Galilee.

The celebrated blues guitarist and canoeist has a strong emotional connection to the Sea of Galilee. In this video, he paddles on an Ontario lake, imagining another lake that¡¯s half a world away.

(From the entry by David Bale in the Friday Night magazine blog)

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